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22 March 2017 - Arduino A6 GSM module -making it work with a Pro Micro Arduino board

Once again, I have encountered so many obstacles trying to make this work.....


10 March 2017 - Modifying Webalizer config file in Synology Diskstation to do Reverse DNS country lookup

I spend a few hours to find out how to set up webalizer to do Reverse DNS lookup for country information


25 Oct 2016 - Adding a ding dong bell to Dahua Video Intercom VTO2111D-WP

How I add a permanent ding dong bell to the Dahua Video Intercom....

8 Oct 2016 - Adding a power indicator light to my Minx Air 100

Here is how to open up your Minx Air 100 to make a minor modification....


5 Oct 2016 - First impression of Dahua Video Intercom Doorbell VTO2111D-WP

If you want a doorbell that can ring your mobile devices, this one will do the job but with some limitation....


29 April 2016 - Windows 10 Annoying background process - Window Driver Foundation taking control from Active Window


Here is how I resolved one of the most annoying problem I encountered


7 April 2016 - Internet Radio Station URL Live Stream on Synology Disk Station


Here is a collection of radio station I listened to



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