Apache HTTP Server 2.2 Failed to Start in Synology Diskstation

10 April 2020

Apache HTTP Server 2.2 Failed to start

I have been putting up with this problem for a little while. I have no idea why it failed to start but because I managed to start Server 2.4, I have sort of let it slides. But it was still a bit of pain in the bum because Webalizer will only run with 2.2.

Today, I was fiddling with something else on the Diskstation and holy cow, I managed to stuff up HTTP Server 2.4 as well - both 2.2 and 2.4 won't start. Now I am really up to shit creek without a paddle - no backend server equals no webstation!

What do I do now

Well, I was contemplating doing a fresh install of the whole DSM operating system (which obviously is a lot of work and run the risk of corrupting data on the diskstation) and I thought, let's try something here as nothing to lose really.

Before you proceed, go ahead and uninstall Apache HTTP server(s) from your diskstation.

WINSCP to explore LINUX files and folders

Firstly, enable the SSH Service on the Terminal and SNMP tab in Control panel.

Secondly, start up WINSCP (it is freeware, download that it from here if you don't have it). On the start up screen. Select "SCP" as your file Protocol. Port number should be the same as what you defined under Disk station. User name used must belong to the Administration group.

Then click on the "Advanced" drop down button to select "Advanced". Highlight Shell on the left hand side panel and enter "sudo -i" on the shell input box on the right hand side. What this does is to give the user you entered root authority to modify anything on LINUX .. dangerous but necessary.

This is what your diskstation Linux files should look like once you have successfully signed in..


I thought I would just delete any folders that are related to http to see if I am lucky. So here are the 2 location I found http related folders.

I deleted those folders with names like Apache22, apache24, httpd. under these 2 folders. If you accidentally delete some important files, you may well be in a worse situation, so caveat emptor!

Then I go back to Diskstation to reinstall Apache 2.2 and this time it works. It starts. Voila. I can only guess that the uninstall process should have cleaned up all related files and it didn't. And the left over files are preventing the newly installed software from working properly.

I thought I would share that here in case you may be as lucky as me! btw. to protect your diskstation from hackers, don't forget to disable SSH on your Diskstation when you finished!

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