Electronics News

6 Apr 2020 - Repairing Faulty Light on Electrolux Rangehood ERCE9025

I shorted the light socket and the light is permanetly ON ... here is how to fix it


28 Feb 2017 - Fixing Denon AVR-3312 Surround AV reciever that went into protection mode with flashing red LED

here is how I fix it................

22 Jan 2017 - Repairing faulty Aldi LED Clamp lamp

this is the second Aldi LED Clamp lamp that has died within a short time .... here is how I fixed it


17 July 2016 - Programming Bosch Alarm panel without a direct link cable

I have been able to link the Bosch Solution 16 panel to my computer using a USB to TTL converter. Here is how....


7 June 2016 - Replace Lithium battery in Panasonic Ricecooker SR-DE103

here is how I replace the battery ....


26 April 2016 - Ultrascope Installation headache - Runtime error 339 SPTBDOCK.OCX

here is how I fixed the Ultrascope installation issues


7 April 2016 - Buying from Aliexpress


this is the place to go to buy those hard to get electronic components



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