Yes Thomas!

My name is Thomas Zih.

I am happily married to Virginia Zih and we live in Sydney Australia with our daughter.

Riestag Germany

Apart from loving my beautiful wife and wonderful daughter .... I dont have much other interests .. I said that in case my lovely wife is harrassing me not getting the priorities right. I got it loh poh poh and thank you for being my partner in crime in this exciting life adventure.

Virginia Zih at Bullring

Virginia Zih at Minnewater, Bruges


I started this website to share some of my knowledge in areas that I am interested in and hopefully these will help out others. I intend to write more articles, so do come back for more if you like what you see.

You can email me with your comments at

Life is too short to be too serious and everything happens for a reason! .... April 2013.

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