Replace Lithium battery in Panasonic Ricecooker SR-DE103

7 June 2016

Our Panasonic Ricecooker clock battery has died after 5 years of service. As we used the timer all the time, having the clock out is a bit of a pain.

So the other day I took it apart to replace the battery. Opening up the ricecooker is surprisingly easy, simply unscrew the 5 screws at the bottom of the ricecooker.

With the bottom cover off, you can see the controller board. Unscrew the 3 screws holding the controller board down..

Once you have the controller board out and flip to the other side, you can see that the battery that run the clock. Unfortunately, Panasonic hasn't made this easy to replace as the battery is soldered to the board. It is a CR2450. So to replace this battery, you would need to know how to solder. You can buy a replacement in ebay. Bear in mind that the legs will need to be modified somewhat to fit as not sure you can find one with the exact specification.

I decided to simply replace the 3V Lithium battery with a CR123A battery with holder. You will find plenty of room inside the ricecooker to stick your battery!

Now the clock works again and with the CR123A battery having twice the capacity than the standard CR2450. Our ricecooker will be dead before the battery!!!

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